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Google to increase presence in the mobile sector

Google looks set on increasing their presence in the mobile sector as they believe that this is where the money will be.

The rising popularity of smartphones could lead advertisers to shift away from PCs in favour of targeting mobile users, with Google amongst a host of companies ready to cash in on the popularity boom of mobile phone devices which has seen a high number of consumers trading in their old handsets and upgrading to a smartphone.

This raise in popularity has also coincided with the dramatic increase in mobile advertising rates over the last few years. Google Engineering Vice President Vic Gundotra said: “The number of Google searches on mobile phones has increased fivefold in the last two years”, he also noted that GPS and other features that broadcast a user’s whereabouts are helping Google create more relevant online ads.

Making the leap from desktop to phone is crucial for Internet giants Google, who currently dominate search advertising. The era of mobile advertising has arrived, according to Gundotra who went onto say: “The industry trends are blowing in Google’s favour”.

Google have also heavily promoted their open source Android mobile software, which has received praise but still has very little marketshare compared to Symbian, RIM, Apple, and other rivals.

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