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If you’re planning on moving to Australia you may want to sell your mobile before you go to avoid becoming like the locals because research has revealed that many Australians use their phones in... [More]

Security experts have condemned an app which allows users to track the precise location of a passenger aircraft in the sky, claiming it is a serious threat to security and could be abused by terrorist... [More]

September 24, 2010 11:46
Mobile phones in hospitals have always been frowned upon, but now patients in some parts of NHS hospitals in Wales will be able to make calls from their wireless devices. Patients who want to make ca... [More]

Young people are being warned about the dangers of Britain’s roads while listening to iPods and texting on mobile phones as many more fatal accidents are occurring due to these devices. A new c... [More]

In a similar vein to Android, Nokia have announced that they plan to release over 50 smartphones in the next year using the Symbian-based operating system as it pushes forward in trying to bring the N... [More]

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