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Many people are worried about radiation emitted from mobile phones, but because there has been no conclusive evidence to state the dangers, no official health warnings are made. And if they are, they ... [More]

To coincide with the launched of his new weekly webshow, comedian Harry Hill is releasing an app for the iPhone, so if you’re a fan of the funnyman you might want to sell your old phone and trad... [More]

A man in Essex is fighting a £60 fine for driving while using his phone clamiing that because he was on private land he is therefore exempt from typical laws. Jack Shutler was stopped by police... [More]

Now is a great time to sell your mobile as many of them are being used as medical tools in Kenya to track down areas of poor health and keep a record on them. Africa is known as being awash with dise... [More]

Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair have joined forces to launch a new scheme aimed at getting phones to women in developing countries. It could play a huge impact in the mobile phone recycling industry.... [More]

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