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Young people are being warned about the dangers of Britain’s roads while listening to iPods and texting on mobile phones as many more fatal accidents are occurring due to these devices. A new c... [More]

If you’re accident-prone you might want to recycle your mobile phone and go without because you could be one of the millions of people putting themselves at risk by texting while walking on busy... [More]

September 20, 2010 06:03
Facebook seems to be dominating with a whole host of ventures to keep their brand fresh and interesting, but one thing they will not be doing is developing their own phone, so if you’re waiting ... [More]

The brainiacs amongst you will be pleased to know that Barnstorm Games and British Mensa have announced the launch of a new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Mensa is a group designed to find the to... [More]

September 16, 2010 06:44
The world may soon sell mobile phone chargers as unnecessary clutter because a new wireless way of charging handsets and a whole host of other gadgets is currently in development. Charging your phone... [More]

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