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As mobile phones become increasingly popular, questions are being asked about at what age is it deemed acceptable for children to carry around a handset. In America, some children under the age of fiv... [More]

August 20, 2010 11:13
Popular high street store H&M are following in the footsteps a number of other retailers by developing an app for the iPhone. If you’re a fashion junkie now might be the time to trade in old... [More]

Some people have a fear of technology which seems a little silly but when you have freak accidents like how one man encountered in India it won’t seem like such a ridiculous idea. It might make ... [More]

Two new Android phones are most likely to be announced at a press event on 15th September at an upcoming HTC show, and web detectives have speculated the devices to be unveiled are named the HTC Desir... [More]

With the impressive array of models Android has under its belt, the OS have announced information about the newest creation to hit the US, and it looks an awful lot like competitor handset. Motorola h... [More]

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