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The world record for texting on a mobile phone device has been broken by a British woman. Melissa Thompson from Salford in Greater Manchester is now the holder of the Guinness World Record after beati... [More]

If you thought old people were dinosaurs incapable of learning about new technological advancements in communicating, you’d be wrong. The oldies among us are texting confidently and sometimes ev... [More]

Following yesterday’s story about children as young as four years old owning mobile phones, there are now fresh concerns for youngsters going back to school and becoming victims of cyber-bullyin... [More]

Nokia has received yet another blow to their popularity after pulling a social networking app which allowed users to post messages on to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. The app, Nokia Messaging ... [More]

Mobile phones with only the ability to call and text may soon become a relic as the surge of smartphones dominates the market. Further proof to the popularity of the versatile phone is new research ma... [More]

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