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Apple’s iPad has been praised for making waves in the way technology is being used. The tablet design is hailed as a breakthrough for how media can now be consumed by audiences, but some are sti... [More]

Campaigns’ teaching kids the correct behaviour when it comes to mobile phone etiquette are usually quite boring and don’t get the message across, but LG have got Jane Lynch from Glee headi... [More]

Nintendo don’t have a lot of competition when it comes to portable gaming devices with their new 3DS making waves as the hottest new gadget to have, but Intel and Nokia may soon be hot on their ... [More]

More people are concerned about carbon footprints and the impact their daily life is has on the environment. More companies are taking note of their customers desire to be green and as a result a camp... [More]

Paving the way for informing people about possible threats, California is hoping that a new mass mobile system will alert the state about any emergency situation that could threaten them. Yesterday (... [More]

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