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The humble stethoscope is a tool instantly associated with doctors but this may soon be made redundant as many medical professionals use apps on their smartphones to monitor the heartbeats of their pa... [More]

Most girls have experienced the dilemma of wearing a gorgeous outfit without pockets to store their phone forcing them to carry an awkward bag with them which is a struggle to open in time to answer. ... [More]

Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric qualities in terms of innovative dress sense, outrageous music videos and sexually charged songs, but one of the risky things she refuses to do is speak on a mobil... [More]

The first Android model the T-Mobile G1 has been shelved after establishing the OS as a serious competitor in the smartphone market, but those who own one and feel left-out that it has dated badly sho... [More]

If you want to less phone conversation your best bet may be to sell your mobile and move to New York because new research has indicated it is the state that spends the least amount of time on the phon... [More]

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