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The Apple device beats a flushing toilet Those who own an Apple iPhone may think it's pretty incredible, but a large proportion of them would go as far to say it is the best invention ever. In a ... [More]

Your phone could help you out of a pickle We've all been in an awkward situation where we pretend we are on the phone. Some of us have been unlucky enough to have the phone ring while faking a cal... [More]

If you can't get one in real life, a virtual lady might be what you need For those of you unfortunate enough not to have a girlfriend, you may want to trade in your old phone for cash towards an ... [More]

Keep your secrets hidden We don't encourage lying to your partner, but if we did we'd suggest you sell your used phone for cash and buy an Android to make the most of a new app which hides contact... [More]

The fashion house decides to try its hand at the mobile market If you've got cash to splash you might want to recycle your old mobile phone and enjoy a slice of high society with the new phone by ... [More]

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