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Phone distractions during class will soon be a thing of the past Pupils in Denmark schools may soon be without their phones. Not because they have decided to trade them in for cash, but because te... [More]

For those unwilling to commit for longer If you’re desperate for an iPhone but don’t want to commit to a long contract, now might be the best time to sell your mobile and take the Apple plunge.Wit... [More]

A new app is being developed to scan barcodes for dietary information Allergy sufferers may want to recycle their old mobile phone for cash and buy an iPhone for a useful allergy app which could s... [More]

Residents in Cornwall have been experiencing poor health and blame O2 If you’re on the O2 network, your conscious may want you to sell your old phone for cash to reduce a spate of illnesses happen... [More]

Apple finally resolve one of their biggest flaws Apple are finally playing catch-up with the other smartphones on the market by introducing multi-taking on their iPhones. You may want to trade-in ... [More]

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