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Posted by Sarah Fisher October 14, 2010 11:54

Many companies could learn from the example of Samsung who are offering their Galaxy tablet to customers to hire for two days to test run the device.

Customers are afraid to commit to spending cash for mobile phones without playing with it first. That’s why Google’s online store for selling the Nexus One was a failure, because no one wanted to blindly go and buy it without getting a feel. Making a decision based on photos and a description is not ideal.

Even displays in phone shops are a little funny, there’s always a pang of nervousness when it comes to finally coming to a decision about your final purchase and if you’ve made the right choice.

But spending two days with a product is an ideal amount of time to see if it is right for you. Samsung have ingeniously got the public excited to try their Galaxy tablet out, and even if someone hadn’t thought about buying a tablet after playing with it for a couple of evenings it may sway them.

Phones would definitely have more of an impact if you could hire them for a couple of days because it is a necessity that everyone requires these days. So come on phone companies, before you sell your mobiles let us try before we buy!

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