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Posted by Sarah Fisher October 11, 2010 12:18

A phone is life-changing. Millions, billions, trillions of people simply cannot function without it, but it wasn’t long ago that the convenience of mobile phones was still unheard of. Who would have thought that we’d all be so reliant on having this instant communication?

But as great as it is, it is killing something on our streets. The humble payphone. When you were out and needed to make an emergency call, you could always rely on finding a telephone box in close proximity, popping some change in and dialing who you needed to speak to.

Those bright red boxes stood out from a distance making them easy to locate, and often the insides were adorned by photos and numbers of lovely young ladies. I wonder where they stick their decorative pieces of art now?

Our memories for remembering numbers was also much better then. If your mobile phone dies while you are out and you urgently need to contact someone, would you be able to remember their number? Probably not, as most people have trouble remember their own numbers even!

So mobile phones. A blessing or a curse? Are they killing payphone boxes and our memories for remembering numbers? Are you going to sell your mobile and revert back to your old ways? No? Don’t worry, neither am I.

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