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I think it’s great that the women of power use their fame to launch great new incentives, which is what Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair have done to help women in Third World countries get connected with the aid of mobile phones.

However, they may be strong women, but I’m not sure politicians have the same effect as other celebrities might do. If for instance Angelina Jolie told me to recycle my phone maybe I’d pay more attention because she’s in an industry that is considered cooler? Not to mention how she has a hot other half in the form of Brad Pitt. Now they really are a power double-team, Hillary and Cherie could learn a thing or two.

But who else might have a strong impact when getting important messages across? Lady Gaga would be a great choice, her single Telephone is all ready to be used as a promotional song, and she could get Beyonce Knowles on board as well! A pair of feisty women who sing about the empowerment of being female would be ideal for the campaign Hills and Chezza are fronting.

Although their idea of empowerment may not be welcome in some developing countries. Women parading around wearing ridiculous leotards leaving very little to the imagination could be frowned up on in heavily religious countries. Maybe campaigning should be left to the former first ladies of the US and UK. And the likes of us small time bloggers urging you to sell your mobile phone to help those in poverty. DO IT.

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