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Posted by Sarah Fisher October 07, 2010 11:54

When I am bored with nothing to do, I always grab my phone and read my texts or check my emails, or view Facebook and Twitter. And even though nothing new has happened I feel compelled to re-read over things, just to kill some time, or refresh to see if anything new has happened. Sometimes I think I should recycle my phone so I can get used to my own company.

This bad habit of boredom often leads me to replying back to said texts and emails in the hope that someone will reply and keep me company. Usually they don’t. So I comment of friend’s statuses and tweets hoping for a response to keep me occupied. I know it’s sad, but I can’t help myself!

Within seconds I get a notification! YES! My friend has replied to my witty retort on their status! So I click to see what has been written back, but it’s not my friend, it’s one of their friends probably in the same predicament as me craving attention with a menial reply to their status which is OBVIOUSLY not as good as mine.

But it is. It’s even funnier. And mine has been usurped. But oh wait, another notification, maybe it’s my friend this time! Nope, another unknown writing something crazy funny. And then another and another. By the time my friend finally gets around to responding, my comment is lost in the oblivion of comments. That’s what happens when you try to relieve your boredom on social networking sites. You’re out-socialised.

Maybe I’ll stick to texts and emails in future. Or sell my phone and resort to what I used to do when bored – read a book or watch a movie or meet with people in real-life!

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