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One thing that always baffles me is the concept of, well, concept phones. I’m not quite sure what the point of them is. Mobile phone manufacturers are constantly showcasing phones with innovative designs and features and ideas, and people often get their knickers in a twist over them but you can never buy mobile phones like these, so why bother letting them be known in the public sphere?

The latest of these concept phones is the Fujitsu dual-screen phone which has two screens as the name suggests which is able to change its position. So you could either use it as a clamshell phone, or you can spin it around so it’s horizontal and close it like a flip. But there’s more to phones than just how it opens and closes right?

Not to worry, the Fujitsu phone has other hardware features which makes it nice to use as a functional handset instead of just one for vanity. There is a great way for you to share your photos, but simply touching the bottom screen to choose the image your want to share and fling it towards the top screen. From here you can drag the photo to the contacts group you wish to share it with and away it goes!

Yes, it looks like a nice phone and I’m sure many people would like to own one, but will it be released? Will they ever sell mobile phones that are promoted as concept phones? Why tease us in this way if you’re not going to give us the opportunity to purchase these wacky phones for ourselves?

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