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Posted by Sarah Fisher October 05, 2010 12:05

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting worse and that means rainy days are soon heading our way, or if you’re unfortunate they’ve already hit you. The rain is annoying for many reasons. Your clothes get wet, your hair goes frizzy and it’s generally just majorly frustrating to be caught out in.

But there’s now another reason I hate the rain. It means I can’t keep up with all the alerts and notifications on my phone. I don’t want to get my mobile out when the skies have opened for fear it will get water damaged, so when I hear a faint ringing with a familiar ringtone I feel dread. The vibration setting making the contents of my bag shake makes me anxious wondering who it is that is calling me. The jingling of keys and cash for mobile phone alertness usually makes me happy that someone is thinking of me and trying to get ahold of me. Not in this weather it doesn’t!

If my phone does make a noise while I am caught out in the rain, I usually run to nearby shelter to check who it is. But when I have closed my umbrella, shaken myself dry and generally composed myself enough to check who it is, the ringing either stops, or I see it’s just a pointless text message from a friend saying something silly like “gosh, have you seen how heavy it’s raining?”

Maybe I should sell my mobile and be without one in the winter months. It will be a lot less hassle then having the fear of answering it in the rain!

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