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I always want to play games on my phone, but with the large amount currently out there, I have difficulty choosing which one I want to spend my money on. Spending cash for mobile games feels a little futile at times. But with a new scheme with Vodafone, the task of choosing games won’t be so torturous.

TheVodafone 360 store is letting customers subscribe to a new gaming service which allows them the opportunity to download as many games as they want for just €5 per month. SCORE.

It’s a great idea to save you from the disappointment of buying a game which bores you and makes you feel bad for spending the cash on it. With the new monthly subscription service, you can get games without a second thought.

Working like a rental scheme, the only way you’ll lose the games you bought is by canceling the monthly rolling subscription. It’s a great idea and with publishers such as Gameloft, THQ Wireless and GameHouse on board it’s likely you’ll get a great selection of playable content. And if it is a successful venture, it’s likely other companies will follow suit providing an even bigger selection of games.

And with the 360 Android shop being embedded on 20 devices, now is a great time to recycle your mobile and take the leap to the Google OS.

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