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Posted by Sarah Fisher October 01, 2010 07:41

The iPhone 4 has been out on the market for quite a while now and after the initial buzz of people getting overly-excited about it, and then the public outcry over its antenna issues, the hype seems to have died down and no-one has been talking about the Apple handset.

Android and Nokia seem to be getting the most of the press in recent weeks especially as they are constantly releasing mobile phones and keeping their names in the press, but with just the one mobile, Apple are having a hard time making sure their product is constantly in the limelight.

However, the iPhone 4 may soon be making a comeback. There are reports that the long-awaited white version of the mobile will be hitting the stores soon. Various reports online show a photo of a Walmart sticker with details and pricing from the gleaming new model, and it seems likely it will be making an appearance soon and getting Apple fanboys and girls all excitable again.

Will loads of people who bought the black iPhone 4 sell mobile phones for cash to buy a white one instead? It seems like a silly reason to exchange, but if you’ve got phone vanity definitely recycle your mobile in order to purchase the newer model. Whenever it is released that is...

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