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Living in London is incredibly busy, busier than any other city I have visited I’d go as far to say. You see people dashing down the street with a coffee in one hand and a mobile phone in the other hand. The only place where you get some peace and quiet from the chatter of mobile phone conversation is if you’re traveling on the underground tube network.

But soon this won’t be safe for very much longer under new plans reported this past weekend about the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and his plans. It seems like the big mobile phone companies are going to all chip in to provide a signal on the underground which could cost upwards of £100 million.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that BoJo is preparing to announce that most of the London Underground network will have mobile phone reception in time for the 2012 Olympics thanks to the five main operators; O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and 3 so you won’t have to sell your mobile to stay connected underground unless you are on an obscure network.

Although there has been chatter about getting the tube network fully connected, Boris has taken it upon himself to "bash heads together in the mobile phone industry" to ensure the plan goes ahead this time.

To make this happen, a very long transmitter snaking along the top of Tube tunnels will provide coverage, and antennas placed on either end of train carriages will allow passengers to stay connected.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I like the idea of having some peace a quiet on my journey and think this could be responsible for further prompting people to be heavily reliant. I hope they’ll have silent carriages on each train, even if I have to pay extra I’m willing to spend cash for mobile free areas.

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