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Posted by Sarah Fisher September 16, 2010 11:39

I feel sorry for Nokia. For many years they were the top company in regards to mobile phones, but then up came Apple and Android and all the others and they were dethroned as many once loyal customer sought to sell mobile phones branded Nokia to get a handset by the newcomers.

But they are back in full force and are willing to do anything they can to get themselves back in the game, even if it means sabotaging others efforts, which is exactly what they did this week at a press launch by HTC.

Obviously miffed that they chose the same city of London to showcase their new phones, Nokia’s excitement about launching their own products faded into the background somewhat (again) so they paraded some of their minions outside the HTC event with red balloons promoting their own company.

In addition to this, they sent journalists going to the rival launch a “HTC survival kit” which included a Nokia branded glove and a lunch box with sandwiches and other such goodies inside.

This seems like a desperate call for attention to me. Instead of using cheap dirty tricks, surely Nokia should be confident enough to let their phones speak for themselves. I did initially feel quite sorry for Nokia but if they follow this path of promotion in an attempt to get the spotlight back on them, I’m sure they’ll alienate a lot of customers like me who don’t want a phone surrounded by that sort of hype.

Come on Nokia, spend your cash for phone marketing that actually makes a long-term impact!

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