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Following on from research conducted by Pew Research Centre’s Internet and American Life project which found many people with smartphones don’t make full use of the apps available, it got me thinking how much I use the apps on my phone.

I have an Android so there aren’t as many apps for me as there are for anyone with an iPhone, but I like to think that I make much more use of the marketplace than my friends do with the app store. Sometimes I think my friends only have an iPhone for the sake of having an iPhone because it’s “cool” and “trendy”.

But apps are a brilliant way of storing things neatly and making you more efficient. For instance, updating Facebook and Twitter statuses is incredibly quick. I can update my friends with exciting news in an instant.

Then there are other handy apps like the Tesco one which allows me to compile my grocery list while I’m on the move and then get it delivered. It saves me having to trawl through each aisle with a scrap piece of paper with my items listed. Although if I did want to go to the supermarket, having a shopping list app is helpful and you can tick things off as you place in your trolley.

And how simple is it to search for cinema listings and seeing what movies are currently out and what times they are showing? Or playing a quick game on Pac-Man while you are waiting for your late friend in the cinema foyer?

Spending cash for mobile apps is a great way of keeping yourself organized and occupied. My advice to anyone reading this? Sell your phone for cash and buy a smartphone!

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