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Posted by Sarah Fisher September 14, 2010 12:13

Scientists in Korea have come up with an inventive way of keeping phone batteries lasting longer by turning sound waves into energy to boost your power which encourages chatting on your handset. But doesn’t it cause people to talk on the phone more? With the threat of radiation being emitted causing many to worry about brain damage, maybe encouraging people to speak more isn’t the best idea.

I would definitely sell my phone for one which had a longer battery life, but I’m not sure recycling mobile phone noise, or noise in general is the best solution. I would like to see kinetic energy more. I imagine those hamsters in wheels running round and round and round powering a light bulb. That would be a better way to power-up a phone surely?

Not only would it be saving the planet by using less electricity but it would get people fit and healthy too because they’d be moving around more. I remember reading an article a while ago about a company who were making chargers which fit on to bicycles so you could juice up your phone simply by peddling. It’s handy if you’re a regular bike commuter.

Surely with all the running apps acting as a pedometer mobile phones can be charged simply by giving it a shake? Imagine if you were low on battery, seeing someone frantically give their phone a vigorous shake would be quite amusing! We’ll see a nation of people with impressive muscles if that’s the case.

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