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Posted by Sarah Fisher September 13, 2010 12:14

Since recycling my phone which was ancient and getting a smartphone with a camera function on it, I’ve been using it for snapping everyday shots that are quite candid and funny. I use my phone to photograph all manner of things from the sweaty shirt of a runner which stained to make an exclamation mark on his back, to a drunken sailor lunging at me on a night out. And I don’t want to keep these occurrences to myself so I often put them up on my Twitter feed.

But is this an invasion of privacy? I know I have fallen victim to unwittingly being included in some stranger’s photos, and I know I wouldn’t want these images being posted on the internet without my knowledge (or even with my knowledge for that matter!)

Mobile phones are a dangerous tool for unflattering shots. As soon as someone takes a picture of you in an uncompromising position (I won’t go into detail) they can post it on Facebook and tag it immediately for all my friends to see. You don’t even have to be on Facebook to have embarrassing moments of your life shared to the world.

I for one think we should stop! I am tempted to sell my mobile with camera function and revert back to an older model just to stop invading people’s privacy. But then that won’t stop people taking snaps of me will it? I think I’ll stick with my phone but try to limit my photo postings.

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