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With the upcoming release of the N8 smartphone, Nokia are running a competition to publicise the most impressive feature of the phone – the 12 megapixel camera. The winner of the competition will star alongside Pamela Anderson in a bedroom scene for a short movie that will be filmed using the HD camera that is on the phone.

It’s unlikely a feature like this will make me sell my mobile to buy an N8, but the competition does sound quite good. Not because of starring with the Baywatch actress, or the male lead in the movie, Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick, but because it gives aspiring actors the chance to be seen and work with big names.

It got me thinking. Who would I like to star in a movie with?

Brad Pitt would be quite nice, but who wouldn’t want to act with him in a bedroom scene? I wouldn’t want to be on Angelina Jolie’s hit list, that’s for sure. She may look frail and fragile but I’m sure she’d take me on.

Johnny Depp would be another great person to star with, but since Pirates of the Caribbean I’ve not been able to take him seriously. We could perhaps make a pirate movie, but I don’t think an eye patch would suit me.

As for ladies, working with Drew Barrymore would be quite fun. She seems like a laugh to work with. Although Penelope Cruz would also be excellent. Maybe I could shoot a L’Oreal commercial with her. Why? Because I’m worth it.

Maybe more companies would sell mobile phones if they were to offer big Hollywood breaks like Nokia are doing.

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