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It’s been known for quite some time now that Orange and T-Mobile are merging which is great news for anyone currently on those networks because it means that they’ll have much more coverage over the country. It really will become a ‘super network’ with many people recycling mobile phones to get a slice of the better coverage that will be on offer.

But as the two companies join forces, we’ll have to wave goodbye to the names Orange and T-Mobile and say hello to Everything Everywhere. But it’s not just the names; it’s the brands that they’ve successfully built. Will they go too?

For instance, Orange become synonymous with the cinema experience, be it the 2-for-1 Orange Wednesday offer or those annoying adverts at the start of movies telling customers ‘don’t let a mobile ruin your movie, switch off your phone.’ Will we still be subjected to that?

And T-Mobile with the one of a kind jingly jingle on the adverts and as a ringtone who earlier this year introduced a new offer with Blockbusters which allow customers to get 2 movies, popcorn, sweet and a bottle of fizzy pop all for a five. Will this deal go?

I have a contract with T-Mobile, but also have an Orange pay-as-you-go phone for when I want to watch a movie in the cinema on a Wednesday. I am hoping that the two companies keep these offers so that I can sell my mobile with the Orange chip. The ‘super network’ should really have added benefits for their users and the double scheme would be great for us customers.

Take that O2 with your priority tickets!

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