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Posted by Sarah Fisher September 03, 2010 12:01

Remembering mobile phone numbers is difficult thing. After selling my mobile and getting a new number, the only way I learnt it was through its good symmetrical rhythm when typed it on the dialpad, not that I need to dial my own digits often. People laugh at me when I recall my own number and motion button pressing to remind myself of the sequence.

I’m not the only one who has trouble with numbers though. Whereas today it is easy to have the mobile numbers of everyone you come in contact with, back in the day you only had a select amount of landline numbers of your close friends. With all these mathematical sequences, it is difficult remembering even the numbers of those closest to you. You don’t have to manually dial each number, you just find the name and away you go!

Have we become too reliant on mobile phones and their ability to store all the information you need? Has is made us lazy? On my phone, not only have I stored the mobile and landline numbers of friends, but also their email addresses and house addresses. Whereas I would have to remember landmarks and street names and familiarize myself with new environments, I can just whip up GPS and not bother noticing anything about what makes each street unique.

Maybe we should consider recycling our phones and making do with life the way we used to. Who’s with me on this? Anyone? No? Ok, maybe I’ll just keep my phone then too...

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