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Picture the scene. You’re going away for a few days and want to travel light, but can’t bear the thought of traveling without your phone, your MP3 player, your gaming console, your laptop and a whole host of other gadgets. Carrying all those devices can weigh you down like a lead balloon!

There are two options. You can either lighten your load and decide which of the things you can live without, although choosing which to eliminate can cause a lot of stress!

Or you could sell your mobile and invest in a smartphone which is incredible handy when it comes to having an all-in-one multimedia gadget. There’s no need to carry around loads of devices weighing down your bag or pocket when you can have everything all in one.

Not only does it function as all the things stated above, but if you get lost in the middle of nowhere you can use GPS to track your location and maybe even a compass app to navigate your way back to safety.

Smartphones are not only handy for when you are away though. Using it everyday is a great way to help reduce the weight of your bag and keep can you occupied on long commutes, doubly as a book or newspaper. This helps save the environment by consuming less trees. Also, it means fewer gadgets are manufactured and this too is a greener way of life.

So recycle your old mobile phone and invest in a smartphone instead!

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