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Having multiple mobile phone chargers is a common occurrence in many households, but not all of them are able to charge the same phone. Some are for Nokia’s, some for Sony Ericsson, some for iPhones, some for HTC. But how much of a nuisance is it when you’ve misplaced your charger and find nothing besides chargers that don’t plug into your phone?

How handy would it be if all the phone manufacturers got together and decided it would be incredibly handy for them to create a universal charger which anyone can use? Not only would it be easier for anyone whose phone is on the verge of dying to ask for ANY charger instead of a specific one, but it would also eliminate disused chargers knocking around after a phone has been made redundant after upgrading. When you sell your mobile phone for cash, chargers sometimes don’t make any difference to the final total.

It would be much greener to share a phone charger then have different ones for different phones because it means people can share. Not only that, but if you were to keep your charger from a previous phone, the price of your new handset could be knocked down because there is no additional charger making the price higher. So when it comes to recycling mobile phones, chargers could be kept for use with the upgrade.

With more companies becoming conscious of the environment, this would be a perfect idea to cut down the cost of manufacturing chargers in the long-term, as well as having a positive impact on the environment.

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