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As mobile phones become more and more advanced, it makes me wonder what happens to the old models? The ones that we lived with many years ago that seemed indestructible. You know, the Nokia 3210 which you could hurl across the room at high speed without it breaking and then still continue your game of Snake on.

Those old bricks may seem really dated and embarrassing now, but they can be used still, and are when you recycle your mobile phone. They are shipped off to third world countries where they are cherished amongst many people who don’t need internet and music players and Bluetooth and 32gb memory.

All they need is the ability to call and receive calls. The text function may not even be needed. In some countries, they don’t even have landlines because digging up the ground to insert cables and wiring is a long, tedious and expensive process.

This is why mobile phones have become so popular. Using overhead satellites to connect calls from wherever you happen to be is a far better option than having to wait by a telephone connected to a wall, unable to be far away for fear you’ll miss a call.

So if you have an old mobile phone hidden away gathering dust for no purpose other then being a memorable souvenir or relic, think about the good it can do for someone on the other side of the globe. Make a difference, sell you mobile phone today.

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