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Posted by Admin August 10, 2010 02:12

Old Phones Are The Latest Fashion Statement

Weighty enough to knock out a mugger and giving off enough heat to toast bread, the Motorola International 3200 was all the rage for any aspiring Gordon Gecko back when 2-Unlimited ruled the charts. But unlike its Dutch techno-pop contemporaries, the Motorola is enjoying a new lease of life as collectors start snapping up retro ‘brick’ style mobile phones.

Old Mobiles

Type ‘retro phones’ into any search engine and you’ll find literally tens of sites selling old mobiles - from the chunky upright analogue phones through to the early flip-style GSM phones that for many were their first mobiles. Even more recent models such as the Nokia 7110 (popularized by the film The Matrix) are inspiring bidding wars on online auction sites , but who’s buying these phones and why?

Phone Nostalgia

According to one online retailer, the buyers are a mix of more traditional retro phone buyers - who might also have bought a classic 50’s Bakelite phone - and a younger crowd, purchasing for fancy dress parties or as ornaments. In both cases, nostalgia is a key motivating factor as the first generations to go grow up with mobile phones start to reminisce about their first Nokia.

Sell Your Old Phones

So should you hold onto those old mobiles cluttering up your drawers or start selling them right away? At the moment, the value of all but the very first old analogue mobile models are still relatively low, but it’s worth finding out if they are worth anything if they’re just making the house untidy! More recent digital mobiles can fetch a handsome sum from Mobile Phone Xchange so check online to see how much you could potentially earn. 

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