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Posted by Admin August 10, 2010 01:27

Scared of using your mobile overseas?

If you are going on holiday to France for a few weeks, or if you decide to live in Sweden for a longer time, then it's good to know how much you are going to pay for you phone bill. Calling from abroad with your mobile phone is extremely expensive, so you should be aware of the high costs, and consider alternative ways of seeking contact with friends, family or business partners. Most important of all: Can you use your mobile phone at all?


Most mobile phones have a good connection in Europe, but outside Europe things may get tricky. You should ask your network provider if you are not sure if your mobile phone is supported in other countries.


There are a few things you can do to reduce the size of your phone bill:

Firstly you could buy a local SIM or handset although this will not be very helpful if you decide to tour through different countries.

Alternatively you could sell your current phone to Mobile Phone Xchange in case you stay abroad for a long time

Some UK network providers offer packages that provide relatively cheap rates for international calls. The costs are still way higher than usual, so this may not be the best solution if you are only visiting one country but if you decide to travel from country to country a lot, this might be the best solution.


The Internet is a great alternative: Skype allows you to talk to everyone you like. Despite the low costs, there are some downsides to this way of communication. First of all, it will not be a great help in cases of emergency. Secondly, Internet access points cannot be found everywhere, so it's advised that you also have a mobile phone to help you in times of need. Do not forget your mobile phone charger and an international electrical adaptor: These are a must if you travel abroad.

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