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To many of you, the thought of selling your mobile phone fills you terror and fear because you’re unsure how to cope without the means to socialise with. But a campaign to raise awareness for autism is urging people to go without checking their networking sites for one day.

Facebook and Twitter are incredibly popular with smartphone users as they allow more social interaction anywhere and at any time. But a scheme in India is asking people to ditch these sites, both on their mobile phones and computers.

'Communication Shutdown' is supported by Asha Foundation who provides physical social and emotional rehabilitation for those who are affected by autism.

Ramesh Vangal, chief patron of Asha Foundation, said: "Social communication is one of the biggest challenges for people with autism. By choosing to shutdown their social networks for one day, users will have some idea of what it's like for people with autism who face this challenge everyday."

Because Vangal's only child is autistic, he is especially passionate about the cause. "I am therefore intimately aware of the challenges they live through in their daily life. They are misunderstood, socially isolated and live in their own world, shut-off from the mainstream," he said.

"Communication shutdown is a simple effort to make people feel what autistic individuals go through in their everyday lives," he added.

If you want to support the cause, avoid all social networking websites on November 1st. If a single day without it terrifies you, imagine recycling your phone and going without for a lifetime.

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